Pierre Part Paddling Trail -CLOSED

DownloadMapThere are no trespassing signs.  This trail is currently closed!

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This trip begins at John Landry’s Landing in Upper Pierre Part on Hwy. 70. Gas is available at the Gator Corner or along Hwy. 70. The Gator Corner serves breakfast and lunches and there are several places to eat right on Hwy. 70 in Pierre Part.

009 There are restrooms available at Landry’s Landing. Parking is abundant, the launch is concrete with docks on either side and picturesque houseboats line the sides.

The bayou is narrow and scenic with low banks and overhanging trees. When you reach the Texaco tank battery barge, take a right and, shortly after, take a left into Bay Alcide. (Continuing straight after turning right by the barge will lead to a dead end.)

Bay Alcide is fairly wide and shallow; sometimes it is covered with duckweed and does not look very inviting, but the trail soon clears out. The bay narrows and leads into Bayou Alcide. To make a shorter round trip, turn left at the junction of Bayou Alcide and Grand Bayou and follow the map directions. Follow the Texaco Canal back to the pumping station where you originally made the right turn and, from then on, just follow the map back to Landry's Landing. Watch for the tree with the orange mark for the turn back to Landry's Landing.

If you choose to go to Lake Verret, continue on Bayou Alcide to Grand Bayou and on into the lake. From that point, you can turn left along the edge of the lake to the Barking Dog Canal. Follow along the canal to the tree with the yellow mark: then you have a choice of following the bayou, which leads back to Bayou Alcide, or taking the Grand Bayou back to the Texaco Canal.

The only place you will encounter motorboats is on the return trip close to Lake Verret where boats are heading to or from Sportsman’s Landing on Bayou Corne.

The basic round trip is 10 miles. It is not difficult to find a dry bank for a rest stop or lunch, although there is no place to camp overnight.


Pierre Part, Belle River


10 miles


Loop route






5 hours




High winds may cause choppiness on the open lake. Invassive grasses may clog waterway. Be aware of hunting season. May through September can be very hot! Bring sunscreen, plenty of water and bug spray.


  • John Landry’s Boat Landing – The landing is approximately 22.2 miles from Lake End Park, located at 2300 Hwy. 70 in Morgan City. From Morgan City, take Hwy. 70 to Belle River. As you cross the bridge over Belle River, it is exactly 8.0 miles to Landry’s Landing in Upper Pierre Part. Turn right onto First Street. Coming from the east (Donaldsonville, Sunshine Bridge, etc.), the landing is approximately 8.5 miles from the junction of Hwy. 70 and Hwy. 1. It is also 6.2 miles to Sportsman’s Landing on Bayou Corne.

    GPS: N30 00' 37.6" W-91 11' 23.0"


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